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Trained and qualified to do the right job by you, accredited installers and designers deliver safe, effective installation for your new solar battery.

Know your installer

Trained and qualified to do the right job by you, accredited installers and designers deliver safe, effective installation for your new solar battery.

What to look for in a solar battery installer

The Clean Energy Council accredits individuals for the design and installation of solar batteries, ensuring they are trained and qualified to the Australian standard. This is different to the accreditation for solar design and installation.

Someone who is accredited by the Clean Energy Council to design and/or install solar batteries will hold grid-connect accreditation and battery storage endorsement.

Ask for an installer’s Clean Energy Council accreditation ID which will show whether they hold the battery storage endorsement.

Installing your solar battery

The installation of your solar battery generally takes around 1-2 days, while larger systems may take a few days longer.

Your installer may need to switch off the power to your house for a brief period during installation so be sure you talk to your installer about this and plan ahead.

Always make sure that you receive all the necessary paperwork during installation, as documentation will be important if you need to make a warranty or insurance claim.

Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers are required to have public liability insurance, but to avoid any insurance issues during the installation period, check that your installer has adequate insurance before they start work.

Also consider contacting your home insurance provider before installation commences to make sure that your new solar battery is covered by your policy.

Connecting your solar battery to the grid

Generally, your solar battery provider will arrange connection to the grid (sometimes referred to as the electricity distribution network) on your behalf. This includes preparing and submitting all relevant documentation required from the electricity retailer and/or distributor for meter installation and connection to the network.

You can learn more about your rights as an electricity consumer here.

Always check with your installer what documents you will receive for the solar battery system. Be aware of the process involved, who to contact to follow up on progress, and to ensure that everything gets done on time.

Maintaining your solar battery system

To ensure that your solar battery runs safely and effectively, some minor maintenance is required. Make sure you discuss maintenance requirements and costs for your solar battery with your installer.

Maintenance should be performed by a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer. If you notice any faults or issues with your system, always call your accredited installer or retailer.

Safety and standards

Just like solar panels, there are some safety risks that are important to be aware of, so you can manage them safely.

The main safety hazards to be aware of are:

  • general electrical wiring hazards
  • chemical, fire or explosion hazards
  • possible escape of non-flammable gases when charging or discharging lithium batteries
  • chemical leakages

Your accredited installer always puts safety first, ensuring your battery is installed to all relevant Australian standards. Make sure you look for a Clean Energy Council accredited installer to install your new battery.

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