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Are solar batteries safe?

Are solar batteries safe? It’s one of the most commonly asked questions about the new technology.

The launch of the Victorian Government’s Solar Homes package will turbo charge the renewable energy sector, with a commitment to install 10,000 solar batteries in Victorians homes. With more people investing in the technology, it’s never been more important to clarify the associated risks with solar batteries.

We are all taught not to play with electricity; turn off power points before putting a plug in, and don’t stick a knife in a toaster. It’s common knowledge. The CFA reports that electrical fires account for 30% of all preventable fires in Victoria.

So what about solar batteries? Are they safe?

Batteries installed by a properly trained and accredited electrician are as safe as any other installed household appliance. Problems occur when batteries are installed by people without the proper training, or when cheap, poor quality products are used.

So what can consumers do to avoid the risks? Education and awareness is key. Following correct processes and procedures are essential to keep your battery system healthy and your home safe. Here are some of our tips to get you started.

Find an accredited electrician.

Always use a safe pair of hands when installing your solar battery by contacting a properly trained electrician. They are trained and qualified to do the right job by you, always putting safety above everything. Incorrect wiring and poor installations occur with untrained electricians without the skills and knowledge to safely install your battery.

Qualified electricians will always have an accreditation and battery storage endorsement from the Clean Energy Council. They have undergone rigorous training and upskilling to prepare them for this specific type of solar energy system, so you can guarantee your battery is in safe hands.

Make sure you ask to see their ID card which will display their accreditation number and the Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer logo. Check out Clean Energy Council’s website for more information and to find an accredited installer.

Use products accredited by the Clean Energy Council

Launched late 2018, the Battery Assurance Program tests solar batteries to ensure they meet the standard we expect for all household appliances, from your oven to your hot water system.

Products are independently tested by the Clean Energy Council to ensure that they reach the necessary electrical safety and quality standards. Look here for a full list of approved solar battery systems.

Look after your system

Just like your gas supply, oven or house gutters, your battery storage system needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and to fulfil its lifespan. Different batteries have different requirements, so it’s important to be informed by a professional.

During your initial system installation, your installer will educate you on how to conduct health checks on your system and identify if something is not right. Battery maintenance is not an arduous task. Check your system monthly, if you notice something is amiss, call your accredited installer.

Where to start?

Get in the know and find an accredited solar battery installer now.