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A pathway for new energy technology systems

It was just over ten years ago when solar humbly began to enter the homes of the Australian community. A rooftop solar boom, sparked by government incentives and motivated consumers, paved the way for the new energy technology.

Now, it’s clear the shift is inevitable. More than 1.8 million homes across the country now have rooftop solar installed, and uptake in 2017 was the highest on record.

Now, with panels humming away producing clean electricity on so many roofs across Victoria, many are choosing to go one step further and couple their solar panels with battery storage.

With new technologies comes new responsibilities.

Assessing, designing and installing a solar battery requires a different set of skills and knowledge, distinct from rooftop solar, to ensure safety, quality and effectiveness – for both workers and consumers. Industry members, stakeholders and policy makers must also pave the way, to open opportunities, and ensure smooth and steady growth in the solar battery market.

As such, the New Energy Technology Systems (NETS) project was formed. Led by Future Energy Skills and collaboratively designed by leading industry organisations, the project was born to create, pilot and evaluate new training and innovative learning methods in solar battery assessment, design and installation.

This new level of training and skills will ensure that the workforce ready to meet the needs and expectations of consumers, workers and industry members. Nationally recognised, locally delivered, the NETS course shapes future leaders in solar batteries, pathing the way for new energy technologies.

Find out more about the program here.